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You can buy the best quality rock salt online at Dorset’s leading supplier of grit, MB Wilkes. Our top-grade rock salt is the finest on the market and we can deliver it straight to you within 48 hours, whether that’s to private homes or commercial premises.

To keep your paths and driveways safe this winter, get ready for the frosts and ice now by ordering your rock salt grit online from MB Wilkes today. Once your rock salt has been delivered or you have collected it, store the grit in a dry location such as a shed, utility room or garage.

At MB Wilkes, our rock salt is available to buy online in 25kg (approx.) maxi bags at just £4.50 each, in our larger 850kg (approx.) dumpy bags for £150 each or it can be supplied loose. If you’re not sure how much grit you need, use our handy interactive guide, available during the ‘add to basket’ process, to get an approximate estimation. In general, we recommend spreading between 10-30g of grit per square metre. 

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What is rock salt?

Rock salt, also known as grit, is used all over the world as an effective de-icer as it has a lower freezing temperature than water. Though it shares similar characteristics to the salt you find on your dinner table, rock salt, as its name suggests, is actually a rock and not a mineral.

Rock salt is most effective at stopping ice forming on paths and driveways when it has been spread on the surface before the freezing weather occurs. So, when the weather forecasters predict a frost, coat the surface you want treated with a thin layer of rock salt the night before. If you’re caught out by a surprise frost, you can still spread the grit on top of the ice to help it melt so it’s easier to remove and create a safe walk or driveway. If you have any questions about our grit services, call us on 01258 857465 today.


Buy rock salt online today by clicking here.



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