5 decorative stone options

31st March 2019
5 decorative stone options

Different types of stone can have different effects on your garden. Going for a bright or shiny pebble will draw attention to the rocks, whilst more neutral cobbles are more likely to enhance everything around them. Read on to discover whilst decorative stones are best for your garden.

Honey marble

Honey marble ranges in colour from a creamy colour to more of an amber. Its warm colour can complement gardens nicely, and honey marble is a versatile stone that’s used in water and driveways. It looks particularly good next to greenery and bright plants, as they help to bring the marble’s colour out.


Cotswold cobbles

Cotswold decorative stones are often cream and again, are fantastic for rockeries and water features as well as landscaping. Their softness and subtlety make them an ideal backdrop for bright plants and flowers.

Polar white pebbles or cobbles

Available in pebbles and cobbles, polar white decorative stones have a pristine finish to them that can make everything else in your garden stand out. They’re great to either mix with more colourful stones, or use on their own, and polar white pebbles and cobbles are particularly good for gardens with very little greenery.

Scottish cobbles

These small, rounded pebbles are often smooth to the touch and used in water features, thanks to their shiny look. Scottish cobbles come in a mixture of greys, browns and pink shades, and can blend into a garden with lots of plants and colours nicely.

Flamingo pebbles

As the name suggests, flamingo pebbles are often available in salmon pink colours, and are a beautiful addition to your landscaped areas. Flamingo pebbles complement rockeries and water features, and their muted tone is subtle enough not to look overly garish. Slate grey flamingo pebbles are also available.

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