5 landscaping ideas for your garden and backyard

20th January 2015
5 landscaping ideas for your garden and backyard

The warm season is not too far away, so it is time to think about landscaping ideas for your garden and backyard – the place where you will be spending most of your free time during spring and summer.

Take care of how your garden gates look.

We all know that first impressions matter, so if you have noticed that rust spots have appeared on your gates during winter, you should think about improving the look of your gates.

You have to clean the rusty parts very well, polish them with abrasive paper and then apply a base coat, followed by a paint coat. To make everything even more beautiful, you could plant on each side of the gate some wild roses. Once they grow they will overwhelm you with beautiful flower waterfalls.

Use paving materials for your driveways and patios.

No matter how beautiful your garden lawn is, you still need some patios to make it easy for you to walk from one place to another without stepping on your lawn or on your flowers and without getting your shoes wet and muddy on rainy days.

Place in different spots of your lawn paving slabs, which will help you create a rustic landscape. If your garden is on a slope, then you can use the same paving slabs to create steps. And if you add several larger slabs you will be able to create small resting platforms, on which you can place several deck chairs.

The most beautiful and spectacular gardens are the ones on a slope, because it’s easier for you to structure your back garden, by creating platforms on different levels.

Create multifunctional areas.

The gardens we see in magazines and movies, with the barbecue in a corner, the recreation area in another, and the place where you enjoy your summer meals in a completely different place, are very beautiful and everyone would want their gardens to look like that.

Such landscaping projects require great investments, every single area needing to be paved and landscaped accordingly. That is why it is best to create one area with multiple functions. You could place in the same space a barbecue, a dining area, but also some deck chairs or garden chairs for when you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Mask the empty patches under your pavilion or your wood terrace with plants.

If you have a pavilion or wood terrace in your back garden that is built at a certain height above the ground, then you might also have unaesthetic patches under the construction.

These can be easily masked by planting several ever blooming plants and decorative shrubs all around the structure and decorative aggregates & stones all around them. This way, you will not only be hiding the empty patches but you will also create a gorgeous decorum which will delight your sights.

Build a small pond in your own back garden.

A land with bad drainage can create problems when landscaping your garden. If you find yourself in this situation and you are lucky enough that the underground water is close enough to the surface, then you can turn your bad luck into good fortune and build a small pond.

Once you have established where your pond will be placed, you can start digging and then start strengthening and decorating the sides of the pond with pebbles, cobbles and rockery through which the water will flow.


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