5 types of aggregate and their uses

31st January 2019
5 types of aggregate and their uses

Whether you need stone or gravel, pebble or chipping, we have aggregates to suit your needs: read on for our expert guide

Aggregate can be useful for a wide range of gardening projects, but with so many different types of stone out there, it’s important to know which types can be used for what in your project. Our aggregate experts break down the differences between different stone types, and how you could use them.


Available in a number of different colours and sizes, shingle is great for driveways, pathways and landscaping. Shingle is rough, with each stone being markedly different, but its affordability makes it perfect for largescale commercial and residential projects.



Scottish pebbles

Scottish pebbles are rounded stones that lend themselves perfectly to water features, thanks to their smooth, shiny texture. They can vary in size and colour, though are often a mixture of greys, browns and pinks.


Slate is perfect for small areas. Its darker texture is great for contrasting against really bright plants, such as Japanese maples, and they look great either on driveways or even beside water features in your garden.

Granite chippings

If you’re looking for tough aggregate capable of dealing with heavy traffic, granite chippings are worth exploring. Granite can come in a variety of shades too, so you don’t have to prioritise substance over style.

Honey marble

As the name suggests, Honey marble is a yellow-tinted stone and is ideal for using in decorative gardening. It suits warm flowers nicely, but can be contrasted against grassy patches in your garden.  

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