A Guide to Recycled Aggregates & Garden Products

1st August 2018
A Guide to Recycled Aggregates & Garden Products

Construction and landscaping materials are increasingly judged by their ecological characteristics, and it is becoming increasingly common for the materials to be recycled to eliminate the need for disposal in landfills.

At MB Wilkes, we offer a vast range of recycled products including recycled road planings, recycled aggregate and imported wash sand. Below is a breakdown of the ways in which the materials can be used:

Recycled Road Planings

During the re-surfacing of roads, a machine planes off the top layer of tarmac to create a flat substrate onto which new tarmac surfacing is laid. This planed-off tarmac is collected and supplied directly from the road.

Road planings are a cheaper alternative to using tarmac, shingle and granite-chipping and can be used as a sub-base. Road planings make an ideal road surface for car parks, roads, farm tracks and site roads.

Recycled Aggregate

Recycled aggregates are collected and crushed for a wide range of uses, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective material.

Recycled aggregates are integral for landscaping and construction projects. From bank protection to road construction, whether used as a sub-base or fill for drainage structures or as noise barriers, these recycled aggregates prove to be a superlative solution.

Imported Wash Sand

Imported wash sand is an ideal amenity product; it can be used for surface dressing of Lawns, Sports Fields, Goal Mouths, Golf Courses, Tees, Bunkers, Bowling Greens and Cattle Bedding, etc.

 We are leading suppliers in Dorset for a broad range of products. For more information about our recycled products and ways that you could use them, contact us on 01258 857465.

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