Adding a garden path to your garden - things to consider

2nd August 2016
Adding a garden path to your garden - things to consider

A path has the potential to become the main feature of your garden. If designed correctly, it will unite areas of your outdoor space whilst also providing access. Your garden path can easily become your biggest design feature, so why not make it decorative as well as functional? 

Consider the amount of space you have, your ideal colour scheme and the style you are aiming to achieve in order to create a garden path that not only fits its purpose, but offers itself as a elegant addition to your outdoor space.

If you aren't blessed with a particularly large garden, try to avoid straight paths that cut across the entire space as these can divide your outdoor area and make it appear smaller. Alternatively, aim for soft, curved lines that appear to lengthen the area. Narrowing the path as it travels away from the house is also a great way to create an illusion of a longer garden.

Materials are also a crucial element to consider when thinking of adding a path. You must consider the variety of colours and textures on offer in order to fully maximise the potential of your path, based on the needs you wish for it to fulfil. If you are aiming to create a focal point, colour and texture are key. In which case, we would recommend one of our coloured slates, which will add a beautiful texture as well as a shade that will complement any garden style. Alternatively, for a more rustic look - perhaps for a garden in the countryside - our cobbles look wonderful when set in cement! For a more polished finish, a paved path is the perfect choice. With neat edges and soft colours, our range of paving slabs will offer you a great way to add a touch of class to your garden. Finally, why not consider a gravel path? For a textured appearance that is extremely easy to maintain, there's no better choice!

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