Exposing some of the most common Lawn Care Myths

1st April 2015
Exposing some of the most common Lawn Care Myths

There are common myths about almost every aspect of life and living, and lawn care is no exception. From grass clippings causing thatch to homeowners blaming their neighbours for their overgrown garden, let’s expose 3 of the most common lawn maintenance myths.

  1. If I don’t collect grass trimmings, my lawn will have a lot more hay.

Verdict – False

Whether you like it or not, hay is something that occurs naturally in all lawns. The frequency at which it’s found will largely depend on the amount of micro-organisms that are present in your soils composition. Generally speaking, if your soil is compacted, lacking in organic materials or if its PH level is off, it will cause an increase in the amount of hay in your lawn. 

  1. I can’t eliminate the weeds from my garden if my neighbour doesn’t attend to theirs.

Verdict - False

What many use as a common excuse, homeowners can get rid of the weeds from their gardens if they truly want to. The above statement is just a cop out and is used by homeowners to put off some gardening work that needs addressing. Follow your own lawn care routine and you won’t have time to worry about what your neighbour is doing with their lawn.

  1. I have a lawn care program so my lawn should always look great.

Verdict – False

Although you may have a lawn care program and follow it meticulously, it may not be enough to always have a lawn that looks great. Programs should be comprehensive and cover all sides of lawn care maintenance from pest control to killing weeds and providing nutrition to your plants.

As summer is fast approaching and long, sunny evenings are on the horizon, you have to ask yourself if your lawn is ready for the months ahead. Ignore the myths that have just been exposed and pump your time and energy into the things that you know will work for effective lawn care.

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