Gardening tips and tricks: August

27th July 2017
Gardening tips and tricks: August

August is always a busy time for gardeners but it’s a wonderful time to enjoy the sunshine whilst tackling those gardening jobs as we come to the end of the summer.

August is a wonderful time to take some cuttings of mint to grow in a pot on a windowsill throughout the cooler months in Autumn and Winter. Simply tip them out and pull away part of the white root and snap it off. You can then lay this in a pot of compost and add water.

Remove old yellow and diseased leaves from the likes of courgettes, cucumbers and melons, don’t forget to protect your raspberries with netting to avoid them being pecked at by birds.

The weather has been mixed this summer, we have seen plenty of wet weather as well as some solid dry spells too. If you do live in an area where there has been a dry spell, don’t forget to provide your fruit trees and bushes. Feel free to give them a big soaking as and when required.

In terms of planting, August is an ideal time to plant out the savoy cabbages and cauliflowers to grow on for the earliest crop as well as robust kales.
Chervil, parsley and coriander can be sown in seed trays now for growing under glass throughout winter.

Just because it is August, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an opportunity for sowing, lettuce, spring cabbage can all be planted in August. Lettuce doesn’t necessarily have to be just planted in Spring and early summer, it can be planted in the later months and it is more robust than you would necessarily think. Spring onions, radishes, salad leaves, chard, pak choi and turnips can all be sowed throughout August.

August is a key time to consider what flowers to plant for the cooler months ahead, if you have a greenhouse, you may want to plant winter-flowering pansies which will add a splash of colour to your garden throughout Autumn and Winter. Violas are also a solid choice to sow now which will provide fresh colour in the coming year.

For outdoor flowers, choose from cornflowers, larkspur, poppies and calendulas which you can expect to flower in 2018.

In terms of gardening maintenance, keeping the garden watered, undertaking weeding and protect fruit from the likes of birds and wasps. You could also consider adding texture with aggregates or adding a striking border to your flowers with some decorative stones or

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