Our top tips for gardening in January

8th January 2018
Our top tips for gardening in January

It’s the start of a new year, and though it may still be the middle of winter, it’s the perfect time to get yourself and garden geared up for the months ahead when the weather is clear. Perhaps it’s time to start considering a fresh look for your garden this year and install some eye-catching new features.


A new year deserves a new look, and this isn’t any less true for your garden. Maybe you’ve got all the gardening under control but have become bored with the layout. Separate your flowerbeds with attractive sleepers. Install a new water feature complete with decorative stones, or add an attractive gravel path so that you can navigate your garden with ease. Whatever your garden renovation plans, we have a wide range of products to get you started, so contact our team for more information.


Recycle your Christmas tree

If you still have your real Christmas tree hanging around and are not sure what to do with it, why not take it to a shredder to be made into useful weed suppressing mulch for your garden plants? The base also makes an excellent movable bird feeder and leaving parts of the trunk and branches in a secluded spot of your garden will make a welcome refuge for wildlife in poor weather.

Dig plots that you haven't already

Digging, or cultivating, is done to bury weeds and debris and improve soil structure by breaking up compact soil plots. This step gets you ready for sowing seeds in spring and also allows you to add fertilizer or lime to your soil if you wish. Avoid digging if the soil is frozen or waterlogged, as it'll compact the soil too much.

Prune apple and pear trees

If you haven’t already, January is the perfect time to prune your apple and pear trees, when all the leaves are off. Aim to take 10-20% of the canopy off and work around the tree evenly, staggering your cuts to promote new growth throughout. Try not to over-prune, as this will promote upright branches that will prevent light entering the canopy.

Plan crop rotation

Plan what crops you are going to grow when and where you are going to grow them. Rotating your crops on a yearly basis has several benefits, such as preventing diseases and pests that target a single crop, maintaining soil fertility and controlling weeds.

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