Gardening Tips for November

2nd November 2017
Gardening Tips for November

As winter approaches, you may think you’ll be wanting to spend less time outside in your garden. However, there are opportunities to be exploited this month and tasks that must be undertaken to ensure the welfare of your plants.

Shelter Tender Plants

Tender plants, which will die if exposed to frost and harsh weather, need to be moved into a greenhouse or indoors. At the very least, a sheltered spot should be found for them and wrapping pots and plants will also help.

Plant Tulips for a Spring Display

Early November is the perfect time to plant your tulip bulbs. This is later than other spring bulbs, but the colder conditions help eradicate diseases in the soil like tulip fire. Tulips are easy to plant and are very hardy, though Tulips prefer well drained soil in a sunny spot, so avoid planting if a lot of rain is forecast.

Prune Your Roses

This is an appropriate time to remove any dead and dying flowers from your rose bushes. This will give the bush a tidy appearance and encourages flowers to bloom later. Removing dead stems and branches also helps to avoid destruction from strong winds.

If you want your rose bush to keep some colour this winter, then leaving dying roses on the stem should result in rose hips. These are the seed pods of roses and are red, ornamental berries. They are edible, taste like crab apples, and birds also love them! The best time to harvest rose hips is after the first frost.

Keep Bird Feeders Topped Up

During the winter months, natural food supplies for birds takes a severe downturn and they rely on our garden bird feeders more than ever. It is therefore important to keep bird feeders stocked up to help our feathered friends, especially with fatty foods. The benefits of attracting birds also helps you maintain your garden, as they feast on insects, snails, slugs and other garden pests.

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