How to build the perfect gravel garden

25th October 2018
How to build the perfect gravel garden

A gravel garden is an excellent low maintenance option that is relatively easy to prepare and design. Follow these guiding steps and you’ll have the perfect gravel garden in no time!

How to prepare the ground for a gravel garden

Before you think about laying any gravel, you’re going to need to prepare the ground correctly:

  1. Remove all plants, including weeds, from the area that your gravel garden will take up. If you want to keep any of the plants you remove, make sure that you don’t sever their roots and place them in planting pots for temporary storage whilst you finish your gravel garden.

  2. Add manure or compost in order to improve the fertility of the soil. Dig around 10cm deep using a rake or till in order to mix the compost and soil together. If you encounter any large stones, set them aside – you might want to incorporate them as a decorative stones in your gravel garden!

  3. Dig and install a border to separate your gravel garden from the rest of your lawn. You should look to dig around 10-15cm deep and install your edging so that it’s level with or just above the ground - this will help with drainage. Please note that this step is only necessary for dense soil types, such as clay.

  4. Install a weed membrane. Simply measure the area required and cut the weed membrane to size, leaving around 7.5cm overlap on each edge of your gravel garden. You should then weigh the edges of the membrane down using rocks or landscaping staples.

How to create your gravel garden

  1. Choose the garden gravel you want to use. Check out your local gravel suppliers to select the type of gravel you want to use for your gravel garden. Please note that around 40kg of 20mm gravel will cover one square metre at 2 inches deep. If your gravel garden is unevenly shaped, then measure a square around it and save leftover gravel for filling in any holes that appear later in the year.

  2. Place your plants in the desired positions. Once you’ve grouped your plants into the desired locations on your gravel garden, cut individual squares into the membrane large enough for each plants' roots once the flaps are folded back. Then, place the plants into their allotted section and fold the flaps back over the top of the soil before watering generously.

  3. Lay the gravel. Before you begin spreading your gravel, make sure that you place your focal points first, such as any large rocks or pots, wherever you want them. After these have been placed, you can commence spreading the garden gravel evenly over the membrane using a rake.

Follow these steps and you'll be left with the perfect gravel garden to show off to your friends and family.

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