Our guide to laying driveway gravel

11th March 2018
Our guide to laying driveway gravel

Driveway gravel is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to tarmac and concrete slabs thanks to a range of benefits. Not only is driveway gravel easy to install and maintain, the array of decorative gravel options available means that it can create a very attractive finish, so how do you lay a gravel driveway?

Steps to laying driveway gravel

1. Plan the location of your driveway

When choosing a location for your gravel driveway, it’s important to consider any drainage issues you may have. Choose a location where water will run-off to the sides rather than gather in the middle. Once you’ve chosen your driveway location, mark it out using stakes and string placed 8-10 feet from each other and then measure the length and width of your driveway. If your driveway is in an irregular shape, it’s better to measure it in sections and then add them together to get your calculations.

2. Order your driveway gravel

We supply and deliver a broad range of attractive driveway gravel options available for you to choose from. If you are confused as to how much driveway gravel you will require, if you give us your measurements we’d be happy to help calculate the right amount of driveway gravel for your project.

3. Prepare the driveway

You’ll require a rake, gloves, a wheelbarrow and a shovel. You will also need to rent a mechanical compactor to compress dirt and rocks. Your first step will be to remove the top layer of soil, at least 4-6 inches for every layer of gravel you plan to install; experts recommend two or three layers of gravel. Make sure the surface is relatively level before using the compactor to press the dirt down and laying a weed barrier if you wish along with any borders or edging.

4. Lay your driveway gravel

Once you’ve received your delivery, you can use a wheelbarrow to evenly distribute the driveway gravel over the length of the area before using your shovel and rake to spread it along the entire width. Use the compactor to press the driveway gravel down and repeat the entire process for every gravel layer you do. For the best drainage, your gravel driveway should be slightly higher in the middle – achieve this by raking from the outside towards the centre but don’t make the difference too great, it should be subtle.

By following these steps, you can create a low maintenance and attractive gravel driveway that you can be proud of!

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