How to lay silica arena sand

9th April 2019
How to lay silica arena sand

Silica arena sand is a popular choice for all kinds of riding arenas, and laying it requires accuracy and knowledge in how to compact it.

At MB Wilkes, we supply silica arena sand with a sub-angular grain and low clay content. Our sand makes an excellent arena material, and is straightforward to lay: read on to find out how.

Make sure you have the right amount

Silica arena sand is one of the most popular options for riding arenas. Once you’ve excavated the area you need, completed the drainage and added the membrane to the area, you’ll need enough silica sand to lay 4 inches (100mm) over the area that you want to cover.


Lay on top of the membrane

The silica arena sand should be laid on top of the membrane. Flatten the sand before using a laser level for accuracy. You then need to use a vibrating roller to compact the sand further, as this is what gives the sand its durability to stand up to high foot traffic and even the occasional vehicle.

Check the sand’s consistency

If the silica arena sand is too dry, it will need to be damped before it’s compacted to achieve the right consistency. However, if the sand is too wet, it not recommended to use the vibrating roller. Using the roller can be a difficult task – it’s possible to bury the roller in the sand! – so leave this to an expert if you’re unsure.

Complete remaining landscaping work

After installing the silica arena sand, laying 2 inches of rubber chips can complete the surface. If you have any other landscaping work that needs to be done on the area, this is the time to complete it.

We are leading suppliers of silica arena sand, offering the finest quality sand at great prices! To find out more, contact our experts today on 01258 857465.

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