January’s gardening to-do list

1st January 2015
January’s gardening to-do list

Even though gardens are not bright and cheerful during the drab first full week of January, now would be a good time to figure out what you want to plant and how you want your garden to look like.

Choose seed

In January you can start your gardening activities by choosing seeds for spring planting. You can consult seed catalogs when choosing which varieties you’re going to plant. Keep in mind performance, place, space and harvest when picking types of seeds and the number of seeds needed.

For each leftover packet of seed, take 10 seeds and roll them on a damp paper towel. Rubberband the paper towel and store it on top of your refrigerator or in a similar warm place. Seeds that are in warm, moist places will germinate within a week. Check the seeds after a week and count the number that have sprouted. If less than 50 percent of the seeds have sprouted, throw them out.

Plan your space

Once seeds are picked out, figure out what the garden will look like. A garden doesn’t have to take up an entire backyard. Besides designing a vertical garden, raised bed gardening offers unique opportunities like water conservation and higher yields. If you’re dead-set on putting your plants right into the ground, determine how much space you need to accommodate all of your plants.

Choose from the landscaping materials below and create a beautiful garden space:


20mm Honey Marble Chippings Decorative Aggregates      15-20mm Flamingo Pebbles Decorative Aggregates      40mm Green Slate Chipping Decorative Aggregates      Rose Quartz 14mm Decorative Aggregates      14-20mm Scottish Pebbles Decorative Aggregates       Barley Corn Decorative Aggregates       12 Red Gritstone Rockery Crate Decorative Aggregates 

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