Keep your garden safe during winter with these simple tips

1st January 2017
Keep your garden safe during winter with these simple tips

As we're now in the midst of winter, keeping your garden in great shape during these colder months is important if your plants are going to look their best in summer.

If you don't take any action, it's likely that your garden will suffer in the long term, with many of the plants and flowers being damaged throughout the winter. Not only that, regular maintenance of your patio or paving is required to ensure it doesn't become slippery thanks to ice when you are walking around your garden.

One of the most important tasks you can undertake during winter is the addition of fresh top soil or mulch to your flowerbeds. In doing this, you are not only providing your plants with a fresh supply of nutrients, you're also helping to insulate their roots from the cold and protect them from the effects of ground frost.

It is also important to decrease the likelihood of hazardous slips, trips or falls in the garden during winter. Frost and ice can sit on your patio or paving, almost invisible to the naked eye, meaning you could slip when walking.

The simple way to remedy this is through the use of rock salt - by spreading a fine layer of this around your garden, especially on key areas like a patio, you can thaw any existing ice and help to prevent the build up of any more. Rock salt also helps to improve manoeuvrability as you walk around your garden, with the small pieces of grit increasing friction between your shoes and the patio slab.

As a result of this, when any ice and snow begins to thaw, there can be an influx of melt water in your garden. This excess water may require you to invest in enhancing your drainage system - although it's unlikely that this amount of water will cause significant damage to your garden, it's always best to play it safe and avoid any risk.

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