Four top tips to help make your small garden seem bigger

14th September 2016
Four top tips to help make your small garden seem bigger

Many think that having a small garden leaves no room to be creative – with these tips, you'll soon see that creativity is exactly what is needed to make the very most of your small outside space. 

By taking note of these following tips and tricks, your garden will tranquil space you've always dreamed of, regardless of its size...

1) There is more on offer than just ground space 

It is easy to look at your garden and see only the size of the ground area. However, it is also important to consider the vertical space you have. Hanging flower baskets and planting taller plants is a great way to brighten up your garden space without taking up too much of the surface area. 

2) Opt for light colours 

As with decorating rooms within your home, dark colours are known to draw in a space and make it seem smaller than it is. By encorporating light colours into your smaller garden, you will be able to effectively accentuate the space you have and make it seem bigger. Opt for lightly coloured paving slabs or crisp, light gravel to keep your garden area looking bright, or choose light flowered plants for a calming, light feel. 

3) Avoid clutter where possible 

If you choose to invest in garden furniture, try to opt for tables and chairs that can be folded and put away easily so that the space can be utilised when they are not in use. The same goes for washing lines, choose an option that can easily be folded away whenever you aren't using it. 

4) Make use of every available space 

To make the absolute most of the small garden space you have, utilise each and every surface you have available. Use fence panels, the side of garden walls, and even the shed to add garden decorations such and wind chimes and hanging plants

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