Decorative ideas for your summer garden

2nd May 2018
Decorative ideas for your summer garden

As summer approaches, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time in the sun, especially if you have a nice garden to sit out in. However, your garden may be looking drab rather than inspiring, so why not consider giving it a makeover to get it ready for the warmer months with one of these decorating tips?

Install a water feature

Few things add more of a relaxed air and sense of tranquillity to a garden than a water feature. These can range from fountains and waterfalls to small rivers to suit your desires, though nothing enhances water features more than decorative stones to help them blend seamlessly into the environment. Pebbles and cobbles look great when exposed to running water, displaying a variety of attractive natural tones and colours. Smaller varieties work well within water features, whilst larger ones, like our beach cobbles, make excellent borders.

Add a pathway

Contrary to what you may believe, your garden can be too green! Without any defining landmarks, your garden can look incredibly bland and boring to the eye, especially if you don’t have any flowers or pathways to break up the colour and add some visual interest. Adding a pathway to link parts of your garden can immediately make it stand out and can be made using an assortment of materials, such as gravel, paving stones or shingle to best match the look that you are going for.

Create flowerbed borders

Perhaps you already have flowers in your garden which are adding some much-needed colour, however, there still feels like something is missing. Give your flowerbeds a new lease of life by adding a border or edging using decorative stones or pine sleepers to make your flowerbeds stand out even more from their surroundings.

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