Rock salt – the perfect grit for drives and paths

2nd December 2019
Rock salt – the perfect grit for drives and paths


When temperatures plummet in the winter, ice soon forms on our garden paths and driveways, making negotiating them on foot on in a vehicle dangerous. The best way to help keep safe and mobile during snowy and icy weather is to have a supply of driveway grit and rock salt. At MB Wilkes, we can supply and deliver quality rock salt for effectively gritting your paths and driveways.

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What is rock salt?

Rock salt is actually made from rock and not from a mineral, like ordinary table salt (though they do share similar characteristics). As it has a lower freezing temperature than water, rock salt is often used all over the world to effectively dissolve snow and ice.

What you’ll need to spread the grit

  • A shovel or sturdy sweeping brush to spread the rock salt along the path. It’s also a good idea use the brush to disperse any puddles of water after rain to help prevent it freezing solid.
  • Good winter boots with plenty of grip will help you stick to the path as you spread the grit over the surface. They’ll also help keep your toes nice and warm.
  • Thick gloves, preferably waterproof, to protect your hands from the cold weather and handling the shovel or broom.
  • A supply of quality rock salt that’s enough to see you through winter. We recommend storing your grit in a dry location, such as a shed, utility room or garage.

How to spread rock salt and grit

When cold and frosty weather is predicted, spread the rock salt onto your paths and driveway the night before it is due in order to help prevent moisture freezing on the surface in the first place. Coat the path or driveway with a thin layer of grit that’s evenly spread across the walk or driveway. We recommend spreading between 10-30g of rock salt per square metre. If you are treating a large area, use a salt spreader to distribute the grit quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, predicting the weather can be unpredictable so if you’re caught out and your path or driveway has already frozen, spread the rock salt evenly over the surface to help melt the ice, making it easier to remove. 

 To order your rock salt for your drive or path this winter, contact MB Wilkes today on 01258 857465 and we’ll be happy to help.

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