Small garden ideas

21st May 2019
Small garden ideas

When space is limited, making the most of it is crucial. Small gardens can be as eye-catching and relaxing as the rest of them; with feature paving and potted plants, creating an outdoor space to be enjoyed all year round is easy.


How can I make the most of my small garden?

Our garden materials specialists provide decorative aggregates, sleepers, paving and various other landscaping supplies that will transform your small garden easily and affordably. View our small garden ideas below...


Add colour with potted plants

When you have little space, flower beds may not be practical. Potted plants offer the ideal solution, allowing you to add a splash of colour with flowers that can easily be moved as and when you need to free up space.

Choose a pale gravel

White or pale gravel is ideal if your garden space is a little cramped. Light colours work wonders for lifting a space, helping to make it appear less enclosed and more spacious. We have an extensive range of gravel options to choose from, browse online here.

Use mirrors as decorations

Mirrors aren’t just for the indoors! Adding mirrored panels to walls or your garden shed will create an illusion of depth, making your garden appear bigger as well as reflecting light.

Define the space with sleepers

Clutter can make any area appear cramped, and gardens are no different. Defining the different sections of your garden with sleepers will not only help to keep it neat, but the horizontal lines will also help to make your garden appear wider or longer.

Add a water feature

Water features are a great focal point and will help to draw the eye away from the enclosed space. Using decorative stones or pebbles you can easily create a water feature that will bring your small garden to life.

To find out more about the range of products we offer, from building materials and decorative stones to shingle & gravel and driveway materialscontact our team today on 01258 857465 or take a look at our special offers!

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