Springtime gardening checklist and preparation tips

12th March 2017
Springtime gardening checklist and preparation tips

Spring is just around the corner and it's the ideal time to prep your garden ready for a summer of flowers and home grown produce. 

For a summer filled with vibrant flowers and healthy green grass, there are a number of steps you'll need to take in the coming months to prepare. From sewing seeds to maintaining your fences and decking, it is important to consider all areas in order to reap the benefits when the sun in shining later in the year.

Use the checklist below to help make sure your garden is prepared for the coming seasons.

Plant your vegetables

Veggies such as potatoes, lettuce, onions and artichokes should be planted using fresh top soil now to ensure optimum growth and weather conditions.

Maintain your paved areas

Clean or replace your paving slabs to clear off the effects of a long and rainy winter.

Take down bird feeders

Keep your plants and seeds protected from birds by taking down any bird feeders to ensure you don't entice them into your garden area.

Prune shrubs

To ensure maximum growth and blooming in the summer months, trim back any overgrown shrubs to rejuvenate them and prepare for new growth.

Replace your fencing

During the winter your fence may have become weather battered or discoloured, replace it in the spring to prepare for a neat appearance during the summer.

Lay new aggregates
Whether using them for your garden path or to add a touch of texture to your flowerbeds, lay fresh decorative aggregates or slate for a fresh appearance.

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