The ultimate guide to choosing gravel and shingle

18th April 2017
The ultimate guide to choosing gravel and shingle

From paths to sitting areas, gravel and shingle are ideal options to create a durable but soft looking area that is cost effective, attractive and versatile.

There are lots of several types of gravel and shingle and how it can be used varies enormously. If you are looking to use stepping stones in your garden, you may want to consider using loose gravel or shingle. It is one of the cheaper types of gravel and shingle and looks great on a flat piece of land. Keep it looking tip top by dragging a pallet over it to give it that perfectly raked finish.

Typically, the smallest gravel particles are around 5mm and anything that is smaller than this is classified as sand. Gravel is a natural material that is available in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours which makes this a truly versatile addition to your garden.

At MB Wilkes, our shingle starts at 2mm - 6mm and is a light golden flint shingle which is brown and yellow in colour. Our shingle range goes up to 40mm shingle which are best suited to drainage and soakaways.

Loose gravel is best suited to land that is flat and ideally, we wouldn’t recommend using loose gravel on a slope that exceeds 1.10) any slope less than this can utilise loose gravel with a polythene hexagon mesh which sits around 40mm underneath the surface of the gravel and can provide an ideal solution for a gentle slope that is gravel friendly.

For paths and driveways, you may want to consider our 10mm shingle which is a light golden flint shingle. However, at MB Wilkes, we provide a consultative approach and will provide you with our personal recommendations for your specific project.

Most the gravel and shingles have been approved by the National Trust and MB Wilkes are a wide range of gravels to suit your requirements and your budget.

To find out more about the range of products we offer, from building materials and decorative stones to shingle & gravel and driveway materials, contact our team today on 01258 857465 or take a look at our special offers!

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