Tips for maintaining and caring for paved areas in your garden

19th July 2016
Tips for maintaining and caring for paved areas in your garden

We understand that resurfacing your garden or driveway is not cheap, and believe that aftercare for our customer's investments is of great importance. Therefore, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible with regards to caring for your new landscapes in the years to come.

Over time, your paved area - whether a garden or driveway - is inevitably going to become marked and dirty. You drive over it, animals runs around it and it is beaten by the weather on a daily basis. No matter how much money you spend on the highest standard materials from us, or how professionally the slabs were laid, daily use it going to take its toll. In order to ensure that your paved area maintains that same clean, beautiful appearance you were left with on the day it was laid, we have composed a list of tips and tricks for you to use.

Keep weeds at bay

Weeds are bound to find their way into your garden and onto your paving, but by following these tips you can ensure they don't last long.
- Spray your paving with a gentle weed killer as soon as you see the first one sprouting.
- Brush the area with a stiff broom on a regular basis - this will loosen the weeds from between the paving slabs and disable them from growing any further.
- Pull weeds from as deep as you possibly can in order to destroy their roots between the paving slabs, or scrape weeds from the surface with a sharp edge.

Wash regularly

There is no need to apply harmful detergents, simply wash the paving slabs with water and washing up liquid for an instant clean. Using a stiff bristled broom, brush the soapy water around the paving slabs and rinse with fresh water from a hose or jet-wash to watch the dirt disappear.

Seasonal solutions
Each season of the year brings with a different kind of weather and use for your paving, therefore each season will see a need for different forms of maintenance.
- Spring
In the beginning of spring, we recommend that you give your paving slabs their first full and thorough clean to wash away all of that winter grime. It is also wise to check that the joints around the paving are still intact, re-fill any lost sand to keep your paving slabs secure.
- Summer
Summer time is likely to be when your paved area sees the most use. We recommend that any spillages - whether they be drinks from a BBQ or oil leaks from your car - are cleaned as soon as you notice them, to avoid long-term staining.
- Autumn
Any trees surrounding your paved area are likely to lose their leaves at this time of year, sweep them away regularly to keep your pathways clear and avoid slippages in wet weather. Similarly, fruit bearing plants are likely to drop fruit onto your paving slabs, we recommend that you clear this as soon as possible to reduce risks of staining.
- Winter
Ice and snow are likely to cause paving areas to become slippery during the winter months. To avoid this, sprinkle our rock salts to improve grip and reduce risk of slippages.

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