Top tips for spring gardening – part I

3rd February 2015
Top tips for spring gardening – part I

We all know that winter is the season when all work in the garden stops. However, winter is coming to an end and soon you will be enjoying seed-sowing, nurturing and growing your garden.

Here are some tips to get your garden prepared in time for the spring season:

  • Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds
    Forget about the cold outside and start ordering your summer-flowering bulbs and seeds now. You can choose from beautiful flowers like Canna, Dahlia Tubers, Freesia, Gladioli Corms, Lillies or Zantedeschia.


  • Clear up flower beds and borders
    Another thing you can do to prepare for spring gardening is tidy up your garden by removing leaves and debris from your flower borders, ponds and lawns. You can even think about decorating your flower beds with some decorative aggregates like pebbles, cobbles, limestone, shingle, gravel, slate and rockery.


  • Pave new areas
    Indian sandstones are becoming very popular these days and they start at £18.95 per meter. This product offers great value for money and it improves the look of your garden alleys or driveways considerably. Browse our range of Indian Sandstone paving slabs and choose the right one to complement your garden design. You can choose from Desert Mint Paving, Classic Thin Brown Sandstone Paving, Classic Thin Sunset Buff Sandstone Paving and Classic Thin Grey Sandstone Paving.


  • Clean your greenhouse
    You should probably clean your greenhouse before spring arrives. Wash it and sweep out any plant debris from the floor and benches and also disinfect the glass to prevent pests and disease. You can also start washing the pots and seed trays and ventilate your greenhouse so it gets dry.
  • Fix fences, gates and trellis
    Now is the perfect time to fix your fences, gates or trellis, so that you have more time during the spring to focus on gardening instead of fixing your garden up. You should treat your garden structures made of wood with a wood preservative. If you however don’t want to fix your trellis or they are too damaged then head over to our Landscape Supplies section where you will find path edgings, trellis, fence posts and fence panels and also plenty of decorative aggregates to choose from.


To find out more about the range of products we offer, from building materials and decorative stones to shingle & gravel and driveway materials, contact our team today on 01258 857465 or take a look at our special offers!

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