Top tips for spring gardening - part II

12th February 2015
Top tips for spring gardening - part II

Following up last week's post on the top tips for spring gardening, we have put together more tips to get you ready in time for spring gardening.

Tie your trees 

You can help your trees grow nice by wrapping them in 2 inch nylon netting. This will help the branches by offering them support and it will also let new branches grow through. The benefit of using nylon netting is that it is invisible and will also last for years.

Take care of your lawn

Start thinking about your lawn now. You will have to rake your lawn to get rid of all the winter debris and then re-seed bare patches of lawn. Sprinkle the grass seed evenly over the empty patches and make sure you water it enough until the seeds germinate. It won't be long until you can start mowing your lawn and have a beautiful back garden.

Get rid of the weeds

This is the perfect time to get rid of the weeds that have appeared amongst your garden beds. Their roots are shallow and they are easier to pull this time of year. Furthermore you can prevent the emergence of new weeds by covering the bare spots with ground cover or mulch. Another way to stop weeds for appearing again is by covering the beds with black plastic sheeting before planting.


You can also start thinking about seeding your soil, but only if your soil is ready for gardening. It is very easy to tell if the soil is ready for gardening. If the soil crumbles easily and is free of ice crystals then you can start planting seeds. 


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