Top uses for Scottish Cobbles in your garden

5th April 2018
Top uses for Scottish Cobbles in your garden

Scottish cobbles are a popular choice for garden decoration due to their array of colours and rounded appearance; not only do they make a great addition to planting areas and rockeries, their colour truly comes alive when used within a water feature. We supply quality Scottish cobbles in Dorset to suit your needs.

Water features

Water features make an excellent centerpiece to any garden and the addition of Scottish cobbles will only heighten the appeal. Scottish cobbles when dry tend to have a more muted, sandy grey colour, but when exposed to water the mixture of browns, pinks and greys truly shows itself in a vibrant and attractive display, adding to the visual appeal of your water feature and garden. They can be placed in or alongside streams and near waterfalls or fountains to name just a few options.

Low maintenance borders

As Scottish cobbles tend to be larger than many other decorative aggregates and stand out nicely in comparison to mulch and soil, they are popularly used as low maintenance borders for flowerbeds and pathways. Due to the variety in colours,  from pinky hues through to speckles browns, borders created using Scottish cobbles are sure to stand out and enhance the overall look of your garden.


Scottish cobbles also work well in rockeries filled with low-maintenance vegetation such as alpine plants or cacti, their more muted dry colour standing out vividly against the green foliage for a dramatic effect. Half the fun of decorating your garden comes with experimentation and Scottish cobbles are some of the most versatile decorative aggregates around, suiting a number of uses. Experiment yourself and create a unique design

Are you looking for Scottish cobbles in Dorset or Hampshire? We have you covered for all your decorative aggregate and garden landscaping requirements  - contact us on 01258 857465 for more information on our range.

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