What is cattle bedding sand?

4th December 2018
What is cattle bedding sand?

Cattle bedding sand is becoming ever more popular for farmers: our experts explain why

Cattle bedding sand in a cattle cubicle can have a huge impact not just on a cow’s health and productivity, but its comfort too. The bedding that you choose can help to cut down Clinical Mastitis as well as making your cows feel more rested: our experts explain what cattle bedding sand is, and why it’s the best option for cattle.

It’s clean

Compared to its alternatives, cattle bedding sand is extremely clean. It’s an inert material that doesn’t harbour harmful bacteria, meaning that Clinical Mastitis is reduced and far fewer infections and illnesses are spread between cattle.  


It’s comfortable

Sand is extremely comfortable for cows. It allows them to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and it allows them to rest for longer; after all, better rested cows are more productive.

It’s easy and affordable

Cattle bedding sand is extremely cheap compared to a lot of its main competitors, including straw, sawdust, woodchip and even paper. Cattle bedding sand needs to be raked every day and placed into a cubicle deep enough for cows for to be comfortable; six inches or more is recommended. Even so, it’s easier to clean out that straw or paper.

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