What’s hot when it comes to gardening trends?

1st April 2015
What’s hot when it comes to gardening trends?

Given the latest releases of new garden furniture and the ever-changing needs and desires of garden enthusiasts, garden trends is an area that is constantly seeing changes and experiencing updates. Let’s take a look at some of the significant changes that garden trends has experienced in the last few years.

Outdoor Kitchens

Since outdoor spaces are now being designed to become extensions of indoor spaces, the installation of outdoor kitchens have become very popular among homeowners. Outdoor kitchens have become a lot more elaborate than what they used to be and include BBQs, hot plates and rotisseries that are often accompanied by granite surfacing, which is absolutely ideal for external use. 

Before homeowners install any desired electrical appliances, all required services such as electricity, gas and plumbing should be installed by qualified and experienced fitters.

Sustainable Furniture

With longevity, low maintenance and sustainability now becoming the main focus of garden furniture, classic teak furniture has become a thing of yesteryear. For this reason, aluminium frames and organic recycled wood plastic are now becoming increasingly popular. Available in a wide range of colours and external fabrics coming in many varieties, there’s lots of options to choose from.

Popular Landscape Styles and Plants

Unique planting schemes that make use of the location and complement the existing architecture and the interior style have also become massively popular. Plants are now being integrated into the landscape to offer a haven throughout the year, which means that choosing plants that provide a changing background all year long is very important.

When planting trees, a classic such as the Birch Jacquemontii should not be overlooked as this particular type of tree provides not only different colouring depending on the season, but it also provides structure and is still light enough to let the sun through to the plants below.


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