Why gravel driveways are the natural choice

6th June 2019
Why gravel driveways are the natural choice

Make a great first impression by choosing a classic gravel driveway for your home. Natural, versatile and attractive, gravel comes in a range of stone types, sizes and finishes. 

To name just a few available at MB Wilkes, you can opt for locally sourced Dorset limestone chippings, striking red granite to really make an impact, or the light golden tint of traditional shingle that has been approved by the National Trust.

Recycled aggregate gravel

It’s important to us at MB Wilkes to help the environment in any way we can, so we also offer a range of recycled aggregate gravel which has been made from crushed concrete or asphalt debris. Not only does this type of gravel create beautiful driveways but it also serves to protect our precious natural resources as it eliminates the need to dispose of waste building materials. 


A low maintenance driveway

Quick and easy to install, at MB Wilkes we aim to deliver within 48 hours of your order, gravel driveways are simple to maintain, especially when compared to asphalt which needs to be power washed at least twice a year as well as a seal coating every two to five years to keep it looking its best.

All you need to do is occasionally level the gravel (we recommend using the humble garden rake for this) and keep an eye out for any pesky weeds. Laying our purpose designed woven geotextile black sheeting before spreading can be a great help with stopping any unwanted plants poking up through your beautiful driveway.

A natural layer of home security

Aside from its natural attractiveness and practicality, gravel driveways also add an extra layer of security to your home due to the unavoidable ‘crunch’ made when walked or driven on.

 At MB Wilkes we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and unbeatable knowledge. To find out more about which type of gravel driveway will be your perfect choice, contact us today on 01258 857465 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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