Why choose garden pebbles for your outdoor space?

8th August 2018
Why choose garden pebbles for your outdoor space?

Garden pebbles are used both outdoors and indoors for a range of landscaping, construction and decorative projects.

Thanks to their natural properties, garden pebbles have many benefits. Not only do they look attractive, but they are durable, low maintenance and safe to walk on.


Using garden pebbles for landscaping is an effective way of enhancing the appearance of your garden. Garden pebbles are ideal for decorative purposes as they can be sorted by colour and size with ease, allowing you to create stunning patterns and effects. 


Garden pebbles are highly durable and can withstand almost any temperature; they can be used around stoves or firepits as they are fire resistant - the ideal decorative aggregate! Garden pebbles are not easily blown away, do not decompose, and have a long life meaning they do not need constantly replacing. 


When it comes to maintenance, garden pebbles are much easier to manage then other aggregate materials. Unlike natural garden features, such as grass, that need constant maintenance via trimming, mulching and fertilising; garden pebbles require none of your precious time! This is particularly ideal if you want to spend time in your garden relaxing, rather than gardening.

We are leading suppliers in Dorset for a broad range of products including decorative stone, sands and natural stone paving. For more information about our garden pebbles and their properties, contact us today on 01258 857465.

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