10 ways to brighten up your garden

6th January 2019
10 ways to brighten up your garden

Add plants, sleepers, decking and more to create your own garden of Eden

There’s boundless possibility for every garden, and believe it or not, turning a boring back yard into paradise doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on for our expert tips on how you can transform your garden.

1. Pebbles and shingle

Pebbles can help break up your garden to define different areas. Pebbles are also a pretty alternative to gravel and can cover up soil, to offer both practicality and an aesthetically pleasing option.


2. New trees and plants

Every garden is only as good as the plants. Plant a few more shrubs and trees, and you can completely transform your space with refreshed vibrance.

3. Stone paving

Stone paving either in your front garden or back can be a great platform to leave potted plants, furniture or even vehicles. Stone paving is a defining part of any garden and can look really tasteful in the right environment; at MB Wilkes, we offer a great range of stone paving options.

4. Water features

Water features can offer a focal point to your garden. They’re best enjoyed in summer time, and not only look great, but can be enjoyed by birds who visit your garden.

5. Climbing plants

Climbing plants such as ivy, winter jasmine or clematis can help to cover a boring brick wall with bright colour. Climbing plants add a sense of life and colour to your garden and are relatively easy to grow.

6. Sleepers

One of the most popular options for separating a flower bed from nearby grass, railway sleepers feel “upcycled” and natural. Wooden sleepers blend into their surroundings nicely and require very little maintenance.

7. Grass

If you have children or pets, a grassy area is essential. Even if you don’t, you may want to consider grass for its ability to aerate your garden, encourage wildlife or even just for its colour and vibrance against fences and other plants.

8. Decking

Your garden can feel like an extension of the home if you want it to, and decking can provide an area to sit out on and enjoy. Decking can look extremely natural too and it can be somewhere to sit and enjoy the rest of the garden from.

9. Paths

Paths connect different parts of the garden, but they also separate them. They’re one of the most important and engaging parts of your garden, so consider where you would like a path to go.

10. Lighting

Just because it’s dark, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden. Solar powered lights and fairy lights can provide you with the perfect finishing touches to your garden and help to illuminate everything else that’s great about your garden.

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