3 garden landscaping ideas using decorative stones

19th March 2018
3 garden landscaping ideas using decorative stones

Spring is here, which means that you’re likely to spend more time in your garden than you have in the past 5 or so months, but what if your garden is looking a little worse for wear after winter? Here are 3 garden landscaping ideas using decorative stones which are certain to bring your garden to life again this year.

1. Create a Japanese style rock garden

If you’re looking for a complete garden makeover, turning the entire thing or a section of your garden into a Japanese style rock garden could be perfect for you. Japanese gardens are influenced by nature and are intended to create a space of total zen and relaxation using decorative stones, raked gravel, rocks and pebbles to create patterns that are intended to connect the viewer to nature. The raked gravel is often intended to represent the sea, river or a lake, whilst large rocks and moss represent islands and mountains.

2. Use decorative stones in your flower beds

Replacing mulch with decorative stones has multiple benefits when it comes to your flower beds, controlling weed growth with the help of a weed membrane, as well as creating an attractive and durable natural backdrop from which your plants and flowers can shine. Decorative stones come in a huge array of materials, colours, shapes and sizes, which means that you can create stunning contrasts between your flower beds; if you want a little more order, combine your decorative stone flower beds with a timber edging to keep everything in place.

3. Create a stepping stone path

This looks particularly effective when combined with a water feature, replicating a picturesque fairy-tale scene. Even if you don’t have a water feature, a stepping stone path could be the perfect way to inject some colour into the sea of green. Surrounding large stepping stones with smaller gravel or pebbles is also a good pathway option.

Have these ideas inspired you to make some changes with decorative stones in your garden landscaping? Check out our full range of products, or contact us on 01258 857465.

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