7 top tips for caring for your garden in November

10th November 2019
7 top tips for caring for your garden in November

With more leaves littering the ground than on the trees and a noticeable increase in wind and rain, autumn is well and truly here. To help you keep your garden healthy throughout this changeable season, we’ve put together this advice checklist for gardening tasks to complete in November.

1) Clear your garden of leaves

Clearing your garden of leaves is probably going to be your top priority this month. You can put your collected leaves onto the compost heap to use as an excellent soil improver. Pay particular attention to ponds, lawns and flower beds.

2) Raise pots off the ground

Raising pots off the ground throughout winter will help water filter out of the pot and prevent water clogging. You can buy special little pot feet or you can use old bits of bricks, stones or even corks, basically anything that will keep your pot off the floor and steady so it won’t fall over in high winds.

3) Feed the birds

This time of year is tough on our garden birds so give them a helping hand by filling your feeders and ensure any water sources are free from ice so our winged friends can enjoy a bath and a drink. As well as bringing colour and song to your garden, having birds visit you frequently will help keep pest numbers down.

4) Prune your roses

Pruning roses by a third or half of their height is an important November task as it helps stop them from getting ‘windrock’. Overgrown roses will sway in the wind which can force their roots to come out of the soil.

5) Wrap up your outdoor containers

Where you’re unable to move delicate plants to warmer areas, wrap them up using material such as hessian, fleece, bracken, straw or bubble wrap and secure with garden twine.

6) Aerate your lawn

If you haven’t already completed this task, make sure to aerate your lawn this month by inserting a garden fork at intervals across the grass. This will ensure your lawn receives all the air, water and nutrients it needs to grow stronger roots and therefore better grass.

7) Plant tulip bulbs

November is a great time to plant tulip blubs to ensure a riot of colour in the spring. Tulips flourish in fertile, well-drained soil that gets lots of light and they need to be planted at least twice the bulbs width apart.

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