A guide to our sand

7th July 2019
A guide to our sand

So much more than the stuff you find on the beach, building sand is an incredibly versatile and useful building material that is used for a range of different purposes. It’s important to choose the right mix for your project so our experts at MB Wilkes have put together a quick guide to help our customers find the type of sand right for them.

Building Sand at MB Wilkes

Filling Sand - as the name suggests, filling sand is primarily used for filling purposes because it compacts down well. Common uses include providing a base for concrete or paving slabs, rising ground levels or filling in holes.

Wessex Building Sand – inconsistent in colour, Wessex building sand is suitable for small areas of brick or block work.

Imported Washed Sand – imported washed sand is great for surface dressing of amenity lawns such as sports fields, gold courses and bowling greens.

Washed Sand – Because it is washed, this type of sand is free from clay and silts which means it is perfect for internal plastering and external rendering. Double washed sand is great for golf bunkers, long jump pits and children’s play areas.

Blended Sand – half washed sand, half ginger building sand, blended sand is typically used for trowelling and internal plastering.

Building Sand Corfe 4 – this is high quality, multi-purpose building sand that creates a dark beige mortar joint typically used with red brick houses. It is also used by the National Trust on many of their historic projects. Building Sand Corfe 1 on the other hand, creates a light beige mortar joint for use with buff coloured bricks.

Washed Grit – rougher than sand and with a larger grain, washed grit is often used for laying block paving or slabs, rendering and mixing with cement to create screed.

All in Ballast – All in ballast is 10mm shingle mixed with washed grit and is suitable for precast concreting for foundations and footings. We also offer it in a 20mm variety which can be used in general concreting. It can also be used to create an even base for driveways and sheds.

Leading suppliers of aggregates and building materials in Dorset, MB Wilkes is a family owned sand and gravel quarry that offers our customers a wealth of experience and knowledge. To speak to a member of our friendly team about your sand needs, please contact us today on 01258 857465.

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