Advantages of garden gravel

13th November 2017
Advantages of garden gravel

Gardeners have been using gravel in their gardens for years due to its versatility and easy maintenance. We discuss the advantages of garden gravel and how you can use it to bring out the best in your garden.


When you think of gravel, you probably picture something bland and grey – certainly not something you want associated with your garden. However, gravel can be an extremely versatile and attractive addition to your garden, with an assortment of gravel options available in different colours and sizes. You can combine gravel in interesting patterns and designs, or use it to compliment your plants, either in raised beds or as stylish, natural-looking borders.

Easy to lay and maintain

One of the best aspects of garden gravel is the ease of which it can be laid and maintained. Gravelled areas need only be excavated by about 5cm before laying and, when laid over a semi-permeable landscape, prevents weed growth. This means that after laying, gravel is largely maintenance free, in some cases, for decades! Beth Chatto’s gravel garden is evidence of a gravel garden’s longevity and has survived without maintenance since 1992.

Climate resistant

One of the most beneficial attributes of garden gravel is its effectiveness in both arid and very wet conditions. It is excellent at covering dry, exposed pieces of parched soil and makes a perfect setting for a Mediterranean-style selection of plants, like lavender, euphorbias, Santolina and Phlomis. If you live in a wet climate, never fear, gravel has great drainage capabilities which prevent plants from being drowned during heavy rain.


Simply put, gravel is cheap and easy on your budget – that’s what makes it a popular choice for driveways. This is especially true if you buy locally sourced gravel rather than importing from abroad. We supply a large selection of affordable aggregates, stones and gravel so that you can bring your gravel garden aspirations to life.

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