Ideas to set your driveway apart from the rest

30th March 2017
Ideas to set your driveway apart from the rest

Your driveway is the first impression visitors have of your home so it's important to make sure it is always a good one! Whether your home boasts a large driveway or one big enough for just one car, there are a number of ways you can get creative and make yours stand out.

Add flower beds
To add a touch of colour and a welcoming tone to your driveway, why not add a flower bed or two? Border the area with paving slabs or sleepers for an understated edging that lets the flowers do the talking.

Opt for slate
For an extra touch of colour and warmth, opt for a coloured slate rather than gravel or shingle. Slate offer the durability you driveway needs whilst also improving the appearance of the entrance to your home.

Add lighting
Soft lighting is not only a great security measure but can also be used as a feature of your driveway. Line your pathway with solar lights or place lights in a tree for an eye-catching element that will brighten your front garden area.

Update your fencing
Fencing is obviously important for defining the boundaries of your property and keeping out intruders, but your fence can also be a great visual feature if you put a little thought and creativity into it.

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