Four ways that adding gravel to your garden will improve it

29th September 2016
Four ways that adding gravel to your garden will improve it

 When considering the array of possible materials that can be used when redesigning your garden area, there are a lot of contributing factors to consider. 

Gravel is by far one of the most versitile garden materials on offer, here are a few of the many reasons you should incorporate it into your garden designs today... 

So why add gravel to your garden?  


Gravel offers durability that simply cannot be compared to, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas such as driveways and garden paths. 


Gravel is available in a range of colours and sizes, which makes it versatile enough to complement any driveway or garden, no matter what style you go for. Not only does it suit all areas with regards to colour, it also boasts the ability to conform to any shape, meaning that it will suit long straight paths, as long as round edge flower beds or bendy drivew 


Gravel is ideal for use in the garden as it protects the ground below when temperatures are high and the climate is dry, whilst also offering fast drainage during wet and rainy weather. 


Using gravel on your garden paths and driveways is also a simple way to increase the security of your property. The crunching sound that is made when a person walk's or drives on gravel is often a deterrent to potential trespassers.

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