Gardening in May

26th April 2017
Gardening in May

Spring is fully in bloom and with the longer evenings and the (hopefully!) warmer weather; it’s now time to see what gardening jobs you can undertake as we head into May.

Typically, May is the ideal time for bedding plants to be planted out, but there are also many other tasks that need to be taken into consideration for your garden.

With the weather having a tendency to be fairly changeable, sometimes even in May we can experience a late frost, therefore you might want to protect more vulnerable plants with a horticultural fleece. Despite the potential prospect of frost, you will still need to be mindful of pests and it is worth ‘nipping it in the bud’ to eliminate any potential infestation.

Late-flowering annuals

Now is the time to sow late-flowering annuals such as nasturtiums under glass and you can expect them to flower from August onwards if you sow them in early May.

You may also want to sow fast-maturing annuals such as clarkias and calendulas, you will be able to enjoy them blooming throughout the summer which will add an added splash of colour to your garden. Don’t forget to add some water gel crystals and slow-release fertiliser to your compost when plant.

Who doesn’t love a dahlia? Use your time in May to plant dahlia bulbs, but be sure to protect them from slugs. This will also work in conjunction with your regular gardening jobs of watering, mowing and weeding.

Spruce up your window boxes

Don’t forget to spruce up your window boxes and trim or throw away any faded plants as well as keeping on top of your weeding, with a particular focus on your borders and beds.

Planted fruit bushes recently? Don’t forget to keep them hydrated and keep the soil as moist as possible. If you have vegetables like marrows, peppers, tomatoes and courgette, ensure that these are hardened off before you look to plant them outside.

Sowing the seeds

May is a great time to sow French and runner beans, but consider erecting support for climbing beans if you have them. Harden off hanging baskets by placing them in a large pot in a sheltered corner of your garden to protect them. 

If you have greenhouse tomatoes that are outgrowing their pot, you may want to repot them and use any sideshoots as cuttings.

Now is the start of the mowing season, and you will need to mow your grass more regularly and ensure that your mower blades are kept sharp.

What is your favourite thing to do in your garden in May?


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