How to build a pebble garden

10th January 2019
How to build a pebble garden

Pebbles are a subtle and elegant way to improve a garden, by providing a neutral backdrop for your more vibrant plants. Read on for our gardening experts’ pebble advice.

Measure the space needed

The first step when building anything is to work out how much of the material you’ll need, and a pebble garden is no different. Take measurements of the space in your garden to work out how much you’ll need; with MB Wilkes, you can choose the correct quantity when you buy online.


Prepare the space

Get rid of any weeds that may already grow in the space in which you want to place your pebbles. You should also be aware of whether the space is level too: if you wish to flatten it out, then this is the time to do it.

Ensure you have drainage

When is rains, does the water build up around the area you wish to fill with pebbles? If so, you may have a drainage problem that can be sorted by building a trench under your pebble garden.

Get a weed mat

Whether you have weeds or not, there is always a chance that weeds might grow. A weed mat, however, can limit the growth of weeds coming up through the pebbles; purchase them from garden centres and place them around any other plants you may have.

Lay the pebbles

Finally, lay your pebbles however you wish. Spread them out, with a rake if need be, and enjoy your new pebble garden. You can choose different types and colour combinations too if you're feeling creative. 

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