How to lay a gravel path - 5 step guide

3rd March 2019
How to lay a gravel path - 5 step guide

Laying a gravel path is easy with good quality gravel and sand, along with equipment like a roller and a trowel. As our experts explain, it’s a job that a beginner can complete.

A path isn’t just good for helping you get from one part of the garden to the other, but also they can help to separate different areas of your garden. They’re really easy to create too, so read on for our step-by-step guide on how to lay your own gravel path.

Step 1. Dig the sub-base

Decide on where the path is going to be and measure it out accordingly. As with most paths, start off by digging a sub-base to lay some concrete footings. These footings should be about 75mm deep and stick out by the same amount either side of the edging kerb that you’re going to lay shortly.

Step 2. Align the kerb

Before you start laying the gravel on the path, choose some kerbs either side that will keep the stones within the parameters of the path. Create a bed of mortar for the kerbs, to affix them to the footings, before aligning the edging kerb with a builder’s line and set it on the bed of mortar.


Step 3. Build up the mortar

Mortar is key to getting your kerbs to stick to the path, so the next step is to start building up more and more mortar around the kerbs either side of the path itself. Use a trowel to spread it and try to keep the mortar lower than the path and ground level, so that it will be out of sight.

Step 4. Add the sand

Next you'll need to create more of a base for the gravel of the path itself. Cover your hardcore sub-base with coarse gravel mixed with sand, and make sure that the sub-base itself is compacted down. Rake the sand, and then use a garden roller to roll it flatter.

Step 5. Cover the surface with gravel

Finally, cover the surface with ypir choice of gravel. Roll it with your garden roller to flatten it a little more.

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