How to make the very best out of your outdoor space

1st April 2015
How to make the very best out of your outdoor space

Creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces is no longer just the realm of expert and experienced landscapers. In fact, even the most novice of gardeners are now investing the time and effort that’s needed to create a space that works for them.

Whether you’re blessed with a couple of acres of land to work with or a small patch of greenery that seems tiny in comparison, the following are some key considerations to keep in mind if you want to make the very best out of the space that you’ve got.

  1. Area Selection: Finding the right spot for key focal points in your garden can be a bit of challenge. When it comes to choosing an area for placing decking for example, it needs to be somewhere that’s not too far away from the house and in a space that gets a sufficient amount of sunlight.
  1. Installation of Appliances: You must ensure that services such as gas, electrics and plumbing have been taken care of before you begin to install garden appliances. All garden appliances such as BBQ units and water features should be made of high quality materials that are made to withstand all outdoor elements.
  1. Choosing Lighting: Lighting will play a crucial role in the functionality and finished look of your outdoor space. There are many different types of lighting, each of which will create its own atmosphere and serve its own purpose.
  1. Selecting Furniture: Although there are many different types of furniture that’s made from a large spectrum of materials, it’s advisable to go for low maintenance furniture that’s designed to withstand varying weather conditions.
  1. Plant Intelligently: Choosing plants that will compliment your outdoor space and its architecture requires the consideration of soil, microclimate and plant species.

Whether you want to design an outdoor space for relaxing in or entertaining your nearest and dearest, taking the above considerations into account will allow you to create a practical space that looks appealing.

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