Lay your top soil effectively with the following tips and advice

13th October 2016
Lay your top soil effectively with the following tips and advice

Topsoil is a necessary ingredient to any healthy, thriving garden. However, many are unsure of the best way to lay it, or how much they need in order for it to do its job.

Laying your top soil wrong could have a negative impact on your garden, and potentially even stunt the growth of your plants.Follow these steps and advice to ensure that you are able to lay your top soil correctly, then step back and watch as your garden flourishes.

1) Ensure the ground you wish to lay your top soil on is clear. Remove all grass and gravel pieces from the area; whilst this is a time consuming task, it will benefit your garden hugely.

2) Lay the top soil in the area you need it. Lay it in small piles around your area of choice to make it easier to distribute.

3) Use a rake to spread the top soil evenly around your chosen area until it is smooth. The layer should be about 4-6 inches thick.

4) Gently turn the top soil to ensure it is mixed thoroughly with the top layer of original soil beneath it.

5) Once the two layers - new top soil and the top layer of the original existing soil - are combined, go over the surface with a rake to ensure that it is smooth once again.

6) Use a small roller to smooth all of the top soil surface and ensure you have an even and compact area.

7) Once your top soil is rolled and neatly compact, allow some time for it to settle before using a gentle sprinkler to water and moisten the newly laid top soil.

8) Now that you have followed the above steps, your top soil is ready for planting, so begin planting as soon as possible and watch as your vegetables and plants grow like never before!

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