Tips and tricks to consider for effective gardening in October

6th September 2016
Tips and tricks to consider for effective gardening in October

As summer draws to a close and we welcome the early chill of autumn, your gardening routine will need to be tweaked a little to ensure that your outside space stays as beautiful as ever and is fully prepared for the cold months ahead.

Follow these gardening tips and reminders to keep your garden on track during October: 

Autumn has arrived and the leaves are beginning to change colour and one by one, fall from the trees. That means its time for one important job – leaf raking and collecting! Collect fallen leaves at least once a week to prevent mould growing as they become damp. 

Prepare your plant containers for the harsh winter months ahead. Move them into a sheltered space, and cover particularly delicate plants with bubble wrap or horticultural fleece for extra protection! 

Take the time to mow and trim the edges of your lawn during this month, this may be your last chance before the winter! Now is also a great time to lay new turf, should you need it. 

October is a great time to cut back any overhanging plants on paths in order to maintain access through your garden or up to your front door.  

Prepare for the possibility of ice and snow as winter draws closer and assess your driveway and garden paths. Is the current area providing enough grip? If the answer is no, it may be time to consider adding some shingle or gravel to the area. 

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