How to redesign your garden with practical hard-landscaping

8th January 2015
How to redesign your garden with practical hard-landscaping

HAVING a well-designed garden should be just as important as having a good kitchen, and what better time to draw up plans than in winter when there are few garden jobs to get done.

Like the kitchen-triangle that provides easy access to your sink, cooker and fridge, there are a few easy alterations you can make in your garden’s hard-landscaping to make it work better for you.

Start by considering what you use your garden for: is it just to sit in with a summer G&T, for growing vegetables as well as flowers or for children to play and mess about it?

If you have a shed, washing line or vegetable patch at the bottom of your garden you may want at least one path to get to them on wet or wintry days – and paths are always more interesting if they are not just straight lines.

It’s also useful to make paths wide enough to get a wheelbarrow down them – or perhaps a wheelchair – and it is absolutely essential to use materials that match your bricks and mortar. Using gravel, bricks, paving stones or even wood that are a similar colour or texture to whatever was used to build your home will help to link it to your garden.

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