Six great colours to use to boost your mood in the garden

21st February 2017
Six great colours to use to boost your mood in the garden

Having a varied colour palette in your garden can actually make a considerable difference to your mood, according to top garden theme designer Tom Massey.

Research from gardening charity Thrive has shown that there is considerable value to the feeling of wellbeing created by gardening - with colour a key part of this. Here are the best colours to include in your garden:


"Red is a very stimulating colour - it's eye-catching, it can mean passion, danger and warning, but ultimately it's an exciting colour," says Massey. It can be used to energise and uplift any order space.


If you're looking to spark feelings of fascination, enthusiasm, happiness and creativity, then orange is the colour for you. It combines all the energy of red with the happiness of yellow.


The colour of sunshine, yellow is already naturally associated with joy, happiness and intellect. It is known to produce a warming effect and arouse feelings of cheefulness and positivity, says Massey.


This colour is usually associated with wisdom and dignity, and specific plants of this colour often have a restful and calming quality.


Blue is often associated with depth and stability, symbolising trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and calm.


Bright colours tend to look more vibrant in sunny settings, while blue and green palettes can flourish in semi-shaded areas, creating a cool, calm atmosphere. Green has healing powers - it is the most restful colour for the human eye and it has strong emotional correspondence with safety and sanctuary.

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