Terrific Terrariums - bringing the outside inside

9th July 2017
Terrific Terrariums - bringing the outside inside

Why not create a little world of decorative stones and plants in the shape of a terrarium?

Terrariums are one of the hottest trends in interiors right now, so if you love the idea of bringing the outside inside or are looking for a minimal maintenance gardening solution, then a terrarium is absolutely for you!

Whilst there are lots of incredible terrariums available to buy, you may want to consider making your own. It is easier than you think and all you need is a fishbowl vase, plants and some decorative stones!

The terrarium first came into our consciousness in 1842, thanks to botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward and this trend spread in popularity in Victorian England.

There are two types of plants that can be used in a terrarium and they are closed terraria which includes plant varieties of ferns, orchids and mosses. It also includes open terraria such as succulents, the best example of a succulent is the cacti plant which not only look great in a terrarium but are also super easy to look after as they are adapted to dry climates.

You will also need to create layers of gravel that sits within your vase and acts as a base for your plants. Why not try our 2mm - 6mm shingle which is a light golden flint shingle, ideal for creating a terrarium? Ultimately the plants roots should never be sitting in water and the layer of gravel helps any water that is used to evaporate accordingly.

Adding a layer of pebbles in the bottom layers can also aid drainage, you can also add a layer of pebbles or decorative stones on the top layers of your terrarium. For the bottom layer, you can keep it natural with the likes of Scottish Cobbles, Onyx or even Honey Marble which is ideal for decorative gardening.

When you have your layers of shingle or gravel in place, you can then add a layer of soil – take 4 or 5 handfuls of soil and layer it over your gravel. Ideally this needs to be around three to four inches deep.

You can make soil for your terrarium yourself by mixing several types of soils or select a pre-made one instead. Soil for succulent plants, vary from regular garden soil as it needs to hold minimal moisture and can drain excess water so that the plants don’t rot. Adding materials like peat moss (which dries out quickly) pumice, coarse sand and crushed granite will help increase drainage and will create a solid layer for your terrarium.

Once you have your layer of soil in place, you will need to make a hole within the soil deep enough to pot your first plant. Carefully place the plant in the desired location and pat the soil down with your hands. Repeat this step for all the plants that you intend to use with your terrarium. Ensure that you leave sufficient space between each of the plants that you are potting.

Add an additional layer of decorative stones around the plants, you may want to consider adding some feature decorative stones like rainbow pebbles which have a lovely distinctive pattern on them and are incredibly eye-catching. Our black ice collection is also great for achieving a monochrome look and our flamingo chippings are great for a desert like aesthetic.

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional decorative stones neutral colours, then you may want to consider taking any of our range of decorative stone products and spray-painting them in more unusual colours such as green, purple and whatever takes your fancy.

In terms of maintenance, there are many different schools of thought when it comes to watering your terrarium. The best way to know if your plants need watering is to touch the layer of soil. It should be slightly damp, not wet and not dry. You can keep your terrarium at room temperature and consider rotating on a regular basis, so that the plants can attain even exposure.

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