Tips for starting your garden vegetable patch

3rd June 2020
Tips for starting your garden vegetable patch

Lock down life has encouraged many of us to think again about how we shop for our food. So, if you’re ready to start living more sustainably by growing your own fruit and vegetables, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Find the perfect spot in your garden

The first thing to do when planning your vegetable garden is to find the perfect place for it; somewhere that gets lots of sunshine, is away from trees, and sheltered from the wind. The area will also need to be level and, if possible, have access to a tap to cut down your mileage when carrying a heavy watering can.

Plan out your veggie patch

Drawing out a design for your vegetable patch will help organise your veggies and stop confusion later on. Planning beds in groups of four will make it much easier to rotate your crops (to help stop the spread of pests and disease).

Prepare the soil and consider raised beds

Next, you will need to prepare your selected area by digging out weeds and removing stones. To help make access a little bit easier, and to add interest to your patch, you can also build raised beds using old sleepers, and separate the different areas with decorative stones.

Get the soil right

If the soil in your garden contains chalk or clay, you may find it easier to grow your vegetables in raised beds filled with a soil-based compost mix and topsoil. If you’re happy to grow straight in the ground, test the soil for its pH level using a special kit to find out if it’s alkaline or acidic.

Keep it simple

For novice vegetable growers, keeping it simple is the best way to success. Crops such as potatoes, bean, strawberries, radish, beetroot and courgettes are perfect for beginners. As you gain in experience and confidence, you can steadily expand your menu.

Planting your vegetables

Now for the fun part – planting! When planting your seeds, it can be easy to get carried away but make sure you plant only what you have space for and follow the spacing advice on the packet. Follow the rest of the seed packet’s instructions to determine the best way to sow each plant, as these will vary.

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