Top tips to keep your garden flourishing throughout Winter

27th October 2016
Top tips to keep your garden flourishing throughout Winter

As the days become shorter and sunlight is near non-existent, it can be easy to forget your garden completely, leaving you with a exceptionally hard job when the warmer seasons roll around and it's time for gardening again. 

With a little bit of planning and a little extra love, your garden can be maintained throughout winter with minimal effort, allowing you to reap the benefits in the spring.

Take care of your lawn
As you give your grass its final cut for the year, make a special effort to remove moss and large weeds. As the ground becomes soggy due to rain and low temperatures, it may be a good idea to enforce a 'keep off the grass' rule, just for a couple of months.
Where possible, keep your lawn clear of fallen leaves as these can be particularly damaging to your grass if they become mouldy or rotten over time.

Clean and store your tools
During the summertime, when you are using your garden tools constantly and the weather is dry, it can be tempting to leave them lying around in the garden ready to be used again the next day. The harsh conditions of winter can be damaging to these expensive items. Take the time to collect up each of your gardening tools, give them a clean and store them away securely in a shed or garage, ready for use next season.

Check all structures
Winter can bring with it harsh winds and snowfall, make sure you are prepared for such conditions and check all of your garden structures. Assess your fences, sheds and gates to make sure there is no rot present, and no signs of weakness.

Protect wildlife
Help the local wildlife in your area to survive the winter by leaving out fat blocks and other foods for them to easily access. This will not only give them a source of food, but will help to repay the favour when they free your garden of pests in the coming seasons.

Ensure that your flowerbeds and other areas of the garden are effectively drained after the heavy rains of the winter. Lay a drainage material such as shingle to ensure that the soil beneath is protected from harsh conditions.

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