Quality Sports Sand in Dorset

Here at MB Wilkes, a family-owned sand and gravel quarry in Dorset, we supply high quality sports sand for a range of recreational uses, such as pitch dressing and turf areas. Our sports sand is available for collection or local delivery in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, and comes in bulk bags, maxi bags or loose.

Our selection of naturally sourced sports sand benefits from many valuable properties, including excellent natural drainage. Good drainage is crucial for almost all sports grounds which means our sand is suitable for a wide range of recreational uses, including, football and rugby pitches, domestic lawns and amenity turf.

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Your sports sand options

As a leading sand, gravel and aggregate supplier based in the heart of Dorset, MB Wilkes supplies a range of quality sports sand to the local area at highly competitive prices. Our products include:

  • Imported Washed Sand 0-2mm – a good all-round sand that can be used for a number of recreational uses, such as surface dressing of lawns, sports fields, goal mouths, golf courses, bunkers, bowling greens etc.
  • Double Washed Sand – a high quality sand washed twice to remove almost all impurities and is suitable for golf bunkers, long jump pits and play pits, among other uses. 

Important qualities of sports sand

The quality sports sand at MB Wilkes benefits from the following properties:

  • Air filled porosity – this allows for good aeration and drainage.
  • Low maintenance – your sports sand is easy to apply and maintain.
  • Naturally & locally sourced – as we have our own quarry, we can trace exactly where the sand has come from.
  • Washed sand – this means the sand has been cleaned of any unwanted particles for a smooth finish.
  • Durable aggregate – depending on the type of sand, it will include aggregates to improve durability.

Browse our range of sports sand online or if you’d like to learn more about any of our products, contact MB Wilkes today on 01258 857465 and we’ll be happy to help.


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