Benefits of buying landscaping supplies in bulk

5th June 2018
Benefits of buying landscaping supplies in bulk

Although buying in bulk for gardening products is not recommend if you have a very small garden, it provides numerous benefits that you could be missing out on! From saving money to a more environmentally friendly option, find out how buying your landscaping supplies in bulk could save you time and money in the long run. 

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Why buy landscaping supplies in bulk?

It saves money

When transforming your garden it’s always best to buy in bulk as it will save you money. It can seem tempting to be hesitant about purchasing stones, tiles or sand for your garden but in these instances, it’s best to be bold. Buying in bulk often works out cheaper than bagged goods as you can buy only what you need for your project. For most people one bag of landscaping supplies isn't enough, but two bags may be too much, opting to buy in bulk allows you choose your weight. 

It’s environmentally friendly

Buying landscaping supplies in bulk works out to be more environmentally friendly as the order won't require as much plastic packaging. When buying multiple small bags of products, it’s easy for their packaging to quickly add up and become a nuisance to correctly dispose of. Choose the bulk buy option when ordering your landscaping supplies and rest assured that you are doing your bit to keep waste packaging to a minium. 

Makes your life easier

We have all been there, getting carried away buying landscaping supplies and then suddenly realising how long it’s going to take hauling them all from your car to the garden. With bulk products of soil, hard core, brick rubble, sand, concrete and mixed aggregates there’s no need for multiple bags. Depending on the amount you purchase, our team can deliver your landscaping supplies in our Grab Away service or bulk bags, making the entire process incredibly easy for customers.

We are leading suppliers in Dorset for a broad range of landscaping products, from decorative aggregates to stone paving, drainage materials, and much more. For more information about our range of landscaping products, contact us on 01258 857465.

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