Enhance your garden with decorative stones & pebbles

23rd February 2020
Enhance your garden with decorative stones & pebbles

Decorative stones and pebbles are a fantastic way to add interest and texture to your garden so our landscaping experts here at MB Wilkes, Dorset’s leading supplier of decorative stones, share their top ideas for how you can use them to enhance your outside space.

Clash pebble colours for eye catching displays

Contrasting coloured pebbles in the garden is a fantastic way to make a style statement all across your garden. For a really bold look, try using dark stones in one flower bed and clashing white ones in the next. To tie the look altogether, simply choose the same or similar coloured flowers to plant in each.

Use different coloured pebbles for each garden section

Lots of gardeners like to have various sections in their garden that they like to keep separate, for instance an unruly natural flower bed that’s great for wildlife and a neat, perfectly planted area displaying your prized flowers. Assigning a different coloured pebble to each space is a simple, attractive and natural way to differentiate the various areas.

Create natural stone boarders

Pebbles and decorative stones make for beautiful, and totally natural borders for flower beds and pathways. For example, you can use large, rounded pebbles to create a gorgeous beachy, coastal theme or rugged Cotswold cobbles that positively ooze country cottage charm.

Dine al-fresco in style with natural stone paving

Decorative stones aren’t just limited to pebbles and rocks. Natural stone paving is the perfect material for creating gorgeous, and perfectly flat, patios where you and your loved ones can enjoy many BBQs and garden parties together. We stock lots of different paving slabs in a range of colours, textures and finishes so you’re sure to find one to suit your style.

Enhance water features with rainbow shingle

Who doesn’t love the soft, soothing sound of water gently trickling over pebbles? You can easily recreate this relaxing symphony by adding rainbow shingle to your water feature - this will also enhance its overall appearance! 

Build your very own rockery

No landscape garden is complete without its own rockery! Use a range of stones and pebbles in lots of different sizes and colours to create a showstopping feature in your garden. Finish it off with a selection of alpine plants, such as dianthuses, crocuses and tulips, to give it a pop of vibrant colour.

 You’ll be spoilt for choice at MB Wilkes as our range of landscape materials, pebbles and decorative stones is the best in Dorset. To find out more about our services and excellent range of garden products, simply contact us today on 01258 857465.

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